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11" x 17" floor sign stand
  • double-sided
  • top Insert
  • adjustable height can be extended to anywhere between 45 1/2" to 69" high
  • silver, satin finish
  • 14" diameter pedestal style base
Price: $62.00
You Save: $26.50 (29.9%)

    These satin silver poster holders, sign frames feature a 14" diameter pedestal style base. A single upright pole telescopes, so the top of the framing can extend anywhere between 45-1/2" to 69" high. The 11" x 17" sign frame displays on both sides of the holder. A 1/4" thick black expanded PVC backer ensures your images stand upright without sagging, while non-glare plastic lenses ensure the message in your sign frames is visible from all angles.To insert graphics into your sign frames, simply pull out the backer and two lenses, sandwich each of your posters between the backer and a non-glare lens, and slide into the framing. These poster displays ship unassembled. These sign frames can be put together by one person in just a matter of minutes.